Understanding Wood – Woodpecker Flooring

10 October 2016


At Waterlooville Carpets we always strive hard to make sure you know all about the products you are buying.  When deciding which flooring choice would be better for your home or your family, Waterlooville Carpets knows that everyone is different and these choices take time and consideration. With our new wood floor display from Woodpecker Flooring in our showroom we want to help you make the right choice because this flooring will last a lifetime.

Woodpecker is a family-run business with over two decades of experience in producing beautiful, high quality and long lasting wood flooring. Their display feature guides you through all the aspects of their flooring products with generous samples so you can really appreciate the quality and feel of each plank. Whether you need to decide between oak or laminate, oiled or lacquered, you’ll be able to see it all in one place and compare each style. If you’d like to find out more we’d love to show you our new display and help you make the right choice in wood this season. Visit our showroom for on the spot expert advice from our team, or get in touch with us via our website.

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